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    To the Board of Directors:

    We want to be admitted to the Mechanical Contractors Association of Puerto Rico, Inc. in the category of:

    We subscribe to the following record and if elected will be governed by Constitution, Laws and Code of Ethics as long as we continue as members of this Association. We, furthermore, agree to promote the goals of the Association as far as we can.

    If admitted, the official representative of the Company in the Association will be:


    3. If your organization is a corporation, answer the following questions:

    4. If it is a partnership, answer the following questions:

    5. If your organization is individually owned, answer the following question:



    2. Claims and suits (if the answer to any of these questions is yes, please attach detailed information)

    a. Has your organization ever failed to complete any work awarded to it?

    b. Are there any judgments, claims or arbitration proceeding or suits pending or outstanding against your organization its officer?

    c. Has your organization filed and lawsuit or requested arbitration regarding to construction contracts within the last five (5) years?

    Attach detailed information (this field is required)

    3. Within the last five (5) years, has any officer of your organization ever been an officer or principal of another organization when it failed to complete a construction contract? (If answer is yes, please attach details)

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    1. Trade References

    2. Bank References

    3. Surety

    Members of this Association are classified as Active Member, Associate Member or Honorary Members:

    Active members of this Association are further classified as Mechanical Contractors & Specialty Contractors.

    1. Mechanical Contractors are defined as persons, firms or corporation fully engaged in the business of furnishing and erecting, installing, repairing, servicing or maintaining mechanical systems, devices, appliances or equipment, including purchasing from suppliers and selling or installing manufactured parts and products.

    2. Specialty Contractors are defined as persons, forms or corporations fully engaged in the field of specialty contracting, servicing mechanical construction industry, such as Sheet Metal, Insulation and Automatic Temperature Control subcontractors.

    Associate members of this Association are defined as persons, firms or corporation whose business, or part of it, is in direct or indirect relation with mechanical construction, such as suppliers, representatives, distributors or agents.

    Membership dues for Mechanical Contractors members shall be: $1100.00, for Specialty Contractor members: $560.00 and for Associate Members $400.00 per year, payable semi-annual in advance. All members shall pay $49.00 per person per monthly meeting. The Association will charge a compulsory one person fee regardless attendance of Member, to Monthly Member Meetings. Additional attendees

    An entrance fee of $200.00 is required in all membership categories. Entrance fee is payable upon approval of membership application.

    All charges must be paid through a credit card. If approved as an MCA Member, by submitting this application the company agrees to provide the credit card information that will remain on file to automatically process all compulsory fees, and to update the information if it changes. MCA reserves the right to inform a Credit Agency about any delays in payments.